10 Best Free Video Editing and Film Making Apps for Android

Applications used for image and video editing have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and this is because, more than one thing, consumers are becoming more tech-savvy and they demand apps that reflect this shift. Nowadays, the best way to stay ahead of the curve with regard to consumer trends is by ensuring you have applications continuously being released to accommodate changing consumer needs.

This can not only ensure your company stays relevant but it will also help nurture budding talent. After all, there are such a plethora of apps on the app store these days, how else would anyone know which ones best suit their particular needs? So, without further ado may we present you with ten of our favorite image and video editing apps so that everyone can take a look at them and find an app they like.

List of Top 10 Free Video Editing and Film Making Apps

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

The popular video editing application, Adobe Premiere Rush, is a name that is not too unfamiliar to many users when it comes to this genre. The reason for most enthusiasts’ excitement around the program is largely due to two main features: MULTITRACK TIMELINE and Automatic Equalizing & Blurring. Both of these tools provide amazing (and convenient) ways of working with audio and visuals – especially in conjunction.


2. Vivacut

Next up is the application Vivacut. It has the ability to combine multiple videos into one single video while also adding a multi-layered texture in order to amend and combine videos that have originated from different sources.

This app gives you the added benefit of being able to increase the intensity of a given feature within my project’s timeline by multiplying it twice thus enabling me to amend a mistake or fix earlier decisions. Should I make a mistake, I can easily undo that specific step because this program allows me to do so.


3. Magisto

Magisto is a next-generation video editing application that takes your raw files and automatically generates an amazing-looking video. Magisto also gives you the option of using motion graphics as well as producing videos from scratch using its library of customizable templates. It even offers support for longer videos up to ten minutes long, which allows them to compete with desktop applications in terms of quality delivery. On top of all this, the app doesn’t cost a thing.

The only downside is the amount of time it can take if you want to skip the queue and go straight to putting your video through editing as Magisto uses an automatic content submission queue coupled with human assistance so every single new video has some kind of oversight.


4. Alight Motion

If you have ever had the opportunity to color-correct a video, you know that it’s sometimes hard to truly capture exactly what you’re seeing in your mind. This is where Alight Motion excels: it has a comprehensive palette that can be used for just about anything from text to water effects, logos, and so on.

The program comes with different editing modes that mimic other famous software like Adobe Premiere Pro (below) so if you are familiar with how things work in one program, you will be able to find your way around Alight Motion without hesitation! Each layer is completely independent which means users can add or remove layers whenever they want.

You are not bound by the pre-defined number of transitions or effects anymore. Enjoy the freedom of knockouts and motion paths. The ability to color essentially anything makes Alight Motion an excellent choice for creating eye-catching social media posts and top-quality presentations.


5. GoPro

If you are a person who loves to document everything that goes on in your life, GoPro is an application that will help you do just that. It allows you to record short videos at any given time so that you can capture your day-to-day activities and edit them however you wish to make the most of your life’s adventures to come.

Each day, get ready to shoot some quick video clips with a duration of several seconds and once you have finished your adventures for the day, go ahead and put them together automatically into one comprehensive video.


6. InShot

InShot is one of the top video editing applications today. It is easy for users to understand how to use and it provides users with a cohesive system for producing content. In addition, InShot integrates multiple functionalities into the system, such as being able to add music or write captions beneath videos.

When content is created via this platform, users can upload it directly to social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook with ease. In addition, it makes it easier for content creators to form networks and share their creations with other like-minded individuals that have similar ideas and goals.


7. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a powerful mobile video editor developed specifically to provide users with the best tools they’ll need to create quality videos that are perfect for posting on any social media platform. As a contemporary solution, this app even goes as far as allowing you to filter your own footage and making its editing process simple enough so you can focus more time on keeping up with trends and coming up with interesting ideas for your channel.


8. VideoShow

VideoShow is an app famous for its GIF maker that helps users create their own GIFs. One of the most important things to have in mind when searching for this kind of software is compatibility with mobile devices and we’re pleased to announce that VideoShow’s platform can work on both desktop PC and MAC. What makes our application stand out from the others on the market is its own video editor, which gives you total control over your video clips.

We call it “Video Show – My Video Editor” and you can get access to it whenever you need to create a new video project. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending time online looking for various online tools to do some simple editing by yourself. Maybe only once or twice per day? Or maybe even more! So why not make use of what we offer?


9. Film Maker Pro

FileMaker Pro is an advanced yet user-friendly video creation application. It allows users to create cinematic videos that are unique, stylish, and edgy because it borrows its editing techniques from the world of film. FileMaker Pro’s filters are also taken from cinema styling! Users can enjoy filters like lightwave, film, and more.

Film Maker Pro

10. YouCut

YouCut is an image editing application that is as easy to use as a basic word processor but can still output high-quality photos. It comes with the classic options for video cutting and combining for easily creating slideshows, carefully constructed montages, and other similar projects. The effects YouCut offers are also an attractive feature.

The application provides glitches and other classic style effects as well as more modern options like dreamy or watercolor effects. You can even insert your own music into your videos using the music library – which has thousands of songs available at any given moment.

We have compiled a list of the best video editing apps for users to refer to. Every one of them has a unique feature; hopefully, you will be able to find what you are looking for.


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