WWE Immortals Strategy Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats

NetherRealm Studios created WWE Immortals, a half-crazed project that results when you ask your imagination to run wild. There are popular WWE wrestlers transformed into semi-supernatural superheroes (and villains) with fantastical moves, similar to Mortal Kombat’s NetherRealm. Below are some tips and tricks to help you win against the WWE Immortals MOD APK!

In fighting, defense comes first, then offense if possible. There are two types of combo: the light combo (taps) and the heavy combo (swipes). When you have a good opening to attack, however, block in the first place. After that, you can unleash one of your combos. Aim for openings as soon as you see them – if you wait too long to attack, you may be the first to be hit.

Attacking, Adrenaline and Signature Moves

  1. Timing is everything in WWE Immortals MOD APK. The game doesn’t allow you to move into or out of range or jump, so you have to have a good sense of timing. Wait for the opponent to drop their guard before tapping or swiping your opponent. Once you have hit a combination of three attacks in a row, you will often be given the opportunity to follow up with a stronger attack if you swipe in the direction shown on the screen.

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  1. Attacks that are light are faster than attacks that are heavy. If you tap rapidly, your opponent will have no chance to respond. They are slow, but they can be extremely effective at keeping your opponent under pressure for a few seconds. By combining light and heavy attacks, you will deal more damage than simply tapping or swiping.
  2. A Signature Move can only be unleashed once your Adrenaline meter has reached full capacity. Here’s how to maximize the damage of your signature moves. In some, you will be required to tap the screen as fast as possible, in others, to swipe the screen as quickly as you can, and in still others, you will be required to stop the scrolling meter as close to the center as possible. In each game, there are only a few seconds to activate a move, so learn how each move works and be ready.
  3. Signature Moves can also cause status effects, such as Burning Damage from Kane and draining Adrenaline meters from the opponent. In addition to active bonuses, some characters have passive abilities that are activated when using a Signature Move, for example, The Rock (Stone Watcher).

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Defending and Blocking

  • The key to success in most direct-style fighting games is learning to block attacks and use Signature moves. It is not necessary to hold down two fingers next to each other to block like in Injustice 2 MOD APK.
  • Red exclamation points will appear above your opponents’ heads when they’re about to attempt a signature move. Keep your opponent on his or her toes as their Adrenaline Rush meter fills, ready to counterattack and block the attack.
  • Watch out to prevent approaching labels since when another fighter becomes possibly the most important factor, they will promptly utilize a Signature Move.
  • When you’re extremely low on health, blocking might not be able to save you, since blocking only prevents some damage.

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Characters, Chemistry, and Upgrades

  • Focus on Gold Wrestlers: There are several ways in which gold-tier wrestlers are superior to bronze- and silver-tier wrestlers. Gold-tier wrestlers gain much more strength and power with every level up, in addition to the passive abilities. The Bronze and Silver packs will take a lot of patience, but you should aim for the Gold pack as soon as possible.
  • Chemistry: A difference can be made. There are Allies and Rivals for every Superstar and Diva. By pairing them with Allies, their health and attack strength are both increased by 10 percent, while pairing them with Rivals decreases defense but increases the rate at which Adrenaline is recharged.
  • Talent Enhancements: A card can increase your character’s health, damage, stamina regeneration, and other attributes. Free talent cards appear from time to time. Purchased cards cost between 3,000 and 5,000 coins. You can only buy cards that belong to a specific character. A character card is of no use if you don’t own it.
  • Wrestler Cards: To get the most out of your wrestler cards, you should have six good cards and upgrade them. You can upgrade them with cards that you buy from the store or directly spend coins upgrading them. As in most games, the easiest way to level up your wrestlers is to replay the easier stages over and over again.
  • Signature Moves: You can upgrade and unlock additional Signature Moves at levels 5 and 20. Spend the cash to unlock these moves even if you don’t plan to use them, so your character can build all three gauges.

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Other Gameplay Tips

  1. Tapping on the person profile will supplant the current grappler with another grappler. While fighting an adversary, tag in a person just when your present grappler’s wellbeing gets low. A labeled grappler accompanies a full adrenaline bar. At the point when you have spent a marked move of your present person, tag in another person and utilize his unmistakable move not long after he/she shows up on the screen.
  2. An opponent’s adrenaline meter increases by a small amount with every hit, so be careful about this. In Giant Big Show’s Signature 1, for instance, he makes a round of hits that do not do much damage but give the opponent at least half a bar of adrenaline. Using his Signature 2 would do more damage and wouldn’t give the opponent too much adrenaline since it’s a one-hit attack.
  3. Obviously, assaults that channel adrenaline are vital. Dull Sorceress Paige’s Signature 1 (“Banshee Rage”) and Yes! Development Daniel Bryan’s Signature 2 are two instances of assaults that channel adrenaline, making the fight more secure and all the more immovably in your control.

Online Multiplayer Tips

  • You can earn extra credits and battle rating points by completing the daily quest in the Online Match mode. Often, these will involve things like winning without blocking, or without using any signature moves. Interesting? Indeed, but they can also be rewarding.
  • While you aren’t playing, other WWE Immortals players can attack your team in the Online Match mode, which lowers your battle rating. Therefore, even if you have no plans to play anymore during the day, it’s a good idea to always set your toughest possible lineup before the tournament.

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Unlimited Stamina Cheat

Is it too long to wait for your favorite wrestler’s stamina bar to regenerate? You just need to set your phone’s or tablet’s date forward one day while in-game, and your stamina bar will fill up again.

WWE Immortals Technical FAQs: Gears, Forging & Augmenting

The following is the list of Frequently Asked Questions specific to Gears in the WWE Immortals game. You can find all the WWE Immortals guides, FAQs, and Walkthroughs here.

1. What are GEARS for? What do they do?

  • GEARS give you an ADVANTAGE in battle. The advantages it can provide, if equipped, are either an increase in HEALTH or base ATK DMG, an increase in ADRENALINE REGEN, an increase in HEALTH REGEN, an increase in DEFENDANTS, an increase in CRIT chance, an increase in SIG DMG, and many more.

2. How many GEARS can a character equip? What is the MAX GEAR score that can be achieved?

  • There can be no more than 3 GEARS on a character at any given time. The maximum GEARS score that an individual can earn is 400.

3. What do the stars mean in a GEAR? What is the difference between each star?

  • Gear with more stars is stronger. Gear with 1 star is COMMON, gear with 2 stars is UNCOMMON, gear with 3 stars is RARE, and gear with 4 stars is ULTRA RARE.

4. Where can I obtain GEARS?

  • Gears can be obtained in three ways; by purchasing a ‘Gear Pack’ for 25,000 ‘Immortals Credits’ via the STORE, by going into ‘Multiplayer Mode’ and BATTLING through Show Matches or Main Events, OR by participating in the weekly ‘Multiplayer Mode’ tournament (rewards are based on your ranking).).

5. I got DUPLICATES of the GEAR I already have, what do I do with them? Do the effects stack on how many DUPLICATES you have?

  • You can SCRAPPE your GEAR if it has a DUPLICATE by clicking the GEAR. When a GEAR is scrapped, a certain amount of materials are available for FORGING or AMENDING the GEAR. Also, effects don’t stack on duplicates. You can only scrape your duplicates, so you should do that.

6. How do I FORGE and AUGMENT? How do I obtain the materials needed?

  1. You can ENHANCE a GEAR by clicking on it.
  2. By clicking FORGE, you can access the needed materials to enhance it.
  3. A GEAR can be forged up to +10 if you have ENOUGH materials.
  4. When your GEAR reaches +10, you can AUGMENT it by adding another star, unlocking another effect, and renaming it (this will make your GEAR stronger).
  5. It is possible to AUGMENT a GEAR up to +10. You must SCRAP duplicate GEARS in order to obtain the materials you need to fabricate or augment your gear if you do not have ENOUGH.

7. Some GEARS have superstars’ names on them, what does it mean?

  • This feature can only be found on 3-star GEARS (RARE). “Win The Fans” (or “YES Chants” if they are added) is a GEAR specifically designed for ‘Daniel Bryan’.”Win The Fans” (or “YES Chants” if they are added) is a GEAR specifically designed for ‘Daniel Bryan’. ‘Daniel Bryan’ must equip this GEAR effect in order to UNLOCK it (every ‘Daniel Bryan’ character can unlock it).

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WWE Immortals FAQs: Characters, Levels, Stats

Characters are the topics covered under WWE Immortals Frequently Asked Questions. You can find guides, FAQs, and walkthroughs about WWE Immortals here.

1. What is the MAX level of a character that can be achieved?

  • A character can reach a maximum level of 50.

2. What is the ‘Legendary’ status and what does it do?

  • Characters who obtain the ‘Legendary’ status have their stats boosted. Depending on your character’s ‘Legendary’ status, this increases their damage and health.

3. What is the MAX ‘Legendary’ status that can be achieved? How do I BOOST my character’s ‘Legendary’ status?

  • Legendary VII is the MAXIMUM ‘Legendary’ status a character can obtain. A character can be BOOSTED if he/she has a duplicate card of that character. Then you can BOOST him to Legendary I by clicking the character card of Daniel Bryan (Evolved).

4. What is the ‘ALLIES and RIVALS’ (Chemistry Buff) feature? What does it do?

  • The ‘ALLIES and RIVALS’ feature can help you increase your odds of winning. If you have the right teammates, you can also increase your character’s stats. You receive a +5% increase in health/damage from ALLIES, while you receive a +10% ADRENALINE REGEN and a -10% defense from RIVALS.

5. What is the ‘Talent Enhancements’ feature? What does it do?

  • With the ‘Talent Enhancements,’ you can boost your character’s stats. In addition to the ‘Talent Enhancements,’ each of these enhances your STATs in a different manner; each of them increases your HEALTH, DMG, and ADRENALINE REGEN stats. For example, if you buy the ‘Team Hell No’ Talent Enhancement for ‘Daniel Bryan’, this will be applied to all of your ‘Daniel Bryan’ cards. Thus, you are no longer required to buy the enhancement.

6. What do PASSIVES do?

  • It’s important to remember that every character has a PASSIVE (special ability). Every character has their own ABILITY that sets them apart from others. A successful Combo Attack or SIG Attack, for example, will allow Daniel Bryan (Evolved) to gain Power Up. DB(E) can achieve five power levels and deal up to 100% more damage.

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