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In Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK, players can once again immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world. Because the game is easily accessible and enjoyable, players will take the time to explore its gameplay and achieve the game's objective. As a bonus, remember to boost your power after you complete the level.
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Broken Dawn 2 MOD APK takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the epidemic has spread throughout the whole population. In the event of the spread of a terrible virus that afflicts humans, everyone becomes engaged in the conflict.

When the population is infected with the virus, zombies emerge and begin slaughtering the remaining humans. During the game, you control your character in all three dimensions using the third-person perspective. 

The only way to survive is to band together with all the others who were not infected by the virus. It is important to ensure the survival of yourself and other members of your family by gathering the essentials of food, water, shelter, and other things.

To protect yourself from monster attacks, build a vault and cover together. Various weapons can be made from different materials, and you can even make your own. 

You can use these tools and weapons to fight deadly monsters and mindless zombies. Loot and prizes can help you enhance your tools and weapons to defeat those monsters.

With a variety of battle modes and strategies, anyone can play against these powerful creatures, defeat them, and explore difficult levels.

Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK Overview

This new and improved version of Broken Dawn 2 MOD APK offers users new and improved tools and components that can be accessed via our website. Using the link provided on our website, you can download the game’s hacked version and unlock and upgrade any tools and weapons during gameplay with unlimited money and gold.

The MOD unlocks characters, powers, and skills, and allows free purchases of items in-game. This version includes an integrated ad-blocking policy, which blocks and removes any ads from gameplay. After installation, this version offers anti-ban and anti-viral properties without requiring rooting from any sources. An easy-to-use, safe, and secure game that can be installed by the user.

Information about Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK

App Name Broken Dwan 2 HD
Genre Action
Size 64.57MB
Latest Version 1.4.4
Get it On Google Play

What is Broken Dawn II APK?

As a special operations soldier in Broken Dawn 2 HD, you must navigate the streets of a barren metropolis overrun by terrifying extraterrestrial entities. Your defense will be well-equipped thanks to your weapons.

The more stages you complete and the more invaders you eliminate, the more experience you will acquire. You level up as you gain experience, and you gain new special powers as you level up. Moreover, you can upgrade your tools using the money you earn.

What is Broken Dawn II MOD APK?

With its stunning HD graphics, Broken Dawn II HD is one of the top-notch action and role-playing games on the market today. The game takes place on a futuristic Earth where mutants have nearly wiped it out.

There has been an outbreak of an unknown virus that infects a large portion of the world’s population. There were a few survivors who formed groups to fight the zombies. To discover how to eradicate the infection, you will embark on a perilous quest as a warrior girl.

Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK Features

Broken Dawn 2 Mod APK offers a wide variety of features and tools that allow players to explore the game’s conceptual gameplay within the context of the plot. In the following section, we’ve explored a few possible components.

1. Get Rid of Enemies Quickly

You can control Broken Dawn II HD using the joystick and the skill buttons on the right side of the screen. It is possible for you to travel with guns that can hold 35 rounds of ammunition at a time. The game ends if you run out of rounds. Reload and continue. When you run into any problems, such as too many zombies surrounding you, make sure to use the game’s assistance. 

To target enemies that are close enough to you, you can either relocate to a safer area to use your sliding abilities or use rockets. The best outcomes will therefore be achieved by doing everything so that you can pass the level.

As well, there will always be problems that Mecha Sentry can help you solve that your skills may not be able to handle.

2. Play in a Post-Apocalyptic World

In this post-apocalyptic setting, you must experience the plot from a third-person perspective. Here, you can discover a post-apocalyptic world where every type of human is under attack by a terrible virus. A virus has leaked and turned the people into zombies, viciously attacking them.

Everyone is mutating into mindless zombies and assaulting others while acting as the host. The fortunate ones were spared, and it is now up to you to make arrangements for your daily needs. The post-apocalyptic world demands that we kill all creatures to keep humanity and ourselves safe.

3. Weapons Upgrade and Matcha Sentry

Users will have access to a variety of weapons and tools to slay those cretins. You can use the Mecha Sentry to attack a large number of zombies at once if a large number of enemies surround you. It is a superweapon that will protect you at all times.

If you update your equipment and weapons promptly, you will be able to use power sources to combat zombies. You can upgrade all your weapons to make your characters more powerful and adept at dealing with zombies.

4. Create Weapons and Defeat those Monsters

The monstrous zombies are on the hunt for humans to infect with the virus and turn into lethal zombies. The first step towards killing the zombies is to create strong weapons from the materials available to you.

Come up with a variety of ways to kill the zombies with your friends. It is almost impossible to defeat these zombies due to their strength. Although eliminating them is difficult, you need cooperation to do so.

Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK Gameplay

Play this stunning mobile game, Broken Dawn 2 MOD APK that combines PRG and shooting, controlling the combat with a virtual joystick. In the game, there are 20 stages, each with four difficulty settings: easy, hard, nightmare, and purgatory. The difficulty of each mode increases while the rewards also increase.

The level maps are also quite long, and you sometimes find yourself too busy because you have to finish the level before the 3-star countdown expires.

As players attempt to pass the barrier, they should practice high technology and master equipment to avoid feeling exhausted. As a result of completing several tasks successfully, rich awards will be obtained.

There are real-time light and shadow effects as well as expertly rendered settings and people. In mobile games, even low-profile mobile phones can experience immersion as the screen adjusts to changes in the weather throughout the day and night, making the sceneries more realistic and closer to reality.

Furthermore, the bloody special effects of taking down an enemy during combat blend in with the background of the game, enhancing the overall experience. Selecting gloomy and desperate background music will allow players to feel the fear of the end of the world and the cry of wanting to escape the confines of the night.

When people are fighting, they are enthused by the sounds of monsters roaring and bullets flying aside from the background music. Its picture and sound effects are all of high quality, which is sufficient to satisfy gamers’ high expectations.

The equipment system is one of the most noticeable aspects of the game. The character has eight equipment slots, and there are five types of equipment levels: white, blue, yellow, purple, and green (the highest).

Moreover, the character can improve by increasing star ratings and inlaying gems. There is an especially close relationship between the equipment’s attribute value and the equipment swap in the game.

You can view the equipped and unequipped qualities of the items in the bag by clicking on them. There is a difference between each piece of equipment indicated by the symbols up and down. It is fairly easy to determine which is superior.

Additionally, equipment is also more effective when upgraded with stars and inlaid gems.

You must train hard on your talents if you want to increase your battle effectiveness. Your skills can be improved as well as your equipment bar. You can develop your skills for free once a day, which is a blessing. The player must meet certain combat effectiveness requirements as the level progresses, and the level gets harder and harder.

It is recommended that the player prepare enough mechanical guards and medical kits along with a set of sophisticated equipment and high talent to make it through the level.

MOD Features

  1. Emblems
  2. Level Rewards
  3. Unlimited Money, Weapons, Medals
  4. Dailies
  5. Unlimited Armor to Higher Levels
  6. Modified Version

How to Install Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK on Android?

If you have any previous versions of this game installed on your device, make sure to delete them. To enable the unidentified sources, click on Settings, and security, then click on Enable The Unknown Sources (if the installation doesn’t begin).

It is very easy to install the MOD APK file for this app. Follow the steps below to install this app on an Android device.

  1. Click on the download button below to download.
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it
  3. Install the app on your Android device.
  4. Make sure you follow all the instructions inside.
  5. You can start this fantastic app as soon as it has been properly installed and enjoy its amazing features.

How to Install and Download APK

allow unknown sources

How to install Broken Dawn II HD MOD APK on a PC?

You can easily install Broken Dawn II on your PC. Bluestacks or NOX players are both compatible with this. The method is as follows.

  1. First of all, you will have to download and install the Bluestacks player for your pc, which is basically an android emulator that can run any mobile app on your computer.
  2. Installing the emulator requires you to download the MOD APK from our website.
  3. To install, you must execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” after downloading.
  4. When the installation is complete, click the launch button.

How to Install APKs on PC


What's new

  • Fixed the problem of some device can not start the game
  • Corrected an issue that caused crashing
  • Fixed some bugs


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