Facebook Lite Dark Mode APK For Android

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Facebook Lite APK is an android application with some cool Facebook features. This App work fast on slow internet speed, use low amount of bandwidth, very optimized,

Unlike Official Facebook App, Facebook Lite doesn’t require Facebook messenger to send received messages.

This Facebook Lite App doesn’t consume much amount of battery, Load faster than Official Facebook App.

Being that the official Facebook app always reloads whenever you open the App, this helps to update you with the latest post by made by your friends and groups you follow. In other hands this is not so good for devices with poor battery capacity.

So for this Facebook Lite App was introduced and it has some amazing features.

Features Of Facebook Lite App

Below are the Facebook Lite Modes that made the App popular.

  • Lite Mode
  • Normal mode
  • Night Mode.

Lite Mode

This an amazing features that is set to use the basic facebook features which make the App run very fast and also utilize battery and data plan.

Though this mode doesn’t come with all the amazing features of the official FB App but it give you the basic optimized features.

Normal Mode

This is still device friendly but is not as fast as the lite mode, yet cool and is real time refreshing.

Night Mode

As the name sounds, the facebook night mode is dark mode version of the Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite Night ModeThis feature protect your eyes from getting blinded due to immersive light rays from the App at night.

Live Notifications

Facebook lite Notification

The feature allows you to get live notifications from facebook.

You can enable and disable anytime from the notifications settings.

Download Facebook Lite App

How To Enable On Facebook Lite Dark Mode

  • Download Facebook Lite App.
  • Install and Launch it.
  • Select the night mode from the homepage

Facebook lite dark mode


If you’ve got a decent Android phone and a good mobile data plan, I’d suggest sticking with the regular Facebook app.

On the other hand, if you’re running an older phone or want to save mobile data, there’s no harm in giving it a look. It’s only 2MB, and the worst case scenario is you switch back. It might also be exactly the Facebook app you’re looking for.

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