Restaurant Story MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Gems]
Restaurant Story MOD APK is an amazing game that is being played by millions of players from all over the world. The game has been developed by Playrix Games, which is a famous company for developing all kinds of amazing games. With amazing gameplay, the game has been able to attract the attention of thousands of gamers. Restaurant Story is a popular cooking game that has already risen to fame. The game is loved by so many people because it allows them to experience the feeling of being a chef and crafting tasty meals.
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Restaurant Story MOD APK is an amazing game that is being played by millions of players from all over the world. The game has been developed by Playrix Games, which is a famous company for developing all kinds of amazing games. With amazing gameplay, the game has been able to attract the attention of thousands of gamers.

Restaurant Story is a popular cooking game that has already risen to fame. The game is loved by so many people because it allows them to experience the feeling of being a chef and crafting tasty meals. You need to use your creativity to do it. The game has a couple of features that make it unique. It has a very simple design and does not require you to use any money to progress. In the game, you must build your own restaurant, create delicious dishes and serve your customers. If you want to experience the game without spending a single penny, you can use the Restaurant Story MOD APK.

To get the high level of the restaurants in the game, you need to unlock new features to submit virtual guests or achieve different gifts by sending messages and online chatting with other players. These achievements will help you in growing the restaurant business.

The latest version of the Restaurant story cheats Gems download has the best-paid features that need to be unlocked by completing some premium tasks in this new mod.

Restaurant Story MOD APK Detailed Overview 

If you are very interested in cooking then you must have to play this game because it’s all about cooking & making new recipes so that’s a very interesting game for you. If you want to enjoy this game on your android mobile free of cost then you must have to need this game for your android mobile. 

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Restaurant Story MOD APK  is developed by studio stories. This game is more than six years old & still, this game is getting more & more popularity & fans. In this game, you are a chef of a restaurant & you have to accept the customers & serve them in your restaurant. After getting their order, you will have to cook food.

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While cooking, you have to be careful about the time & the quality of the food. And after cooking the food, you will have to serve your customers the best quality & taste of food.

Restaurant Story MOD APK Premium Specifications

App Name Restaurant Story
Latest Version v1.6.0.3g
Size 21 MB
Developed By Storm8 Studios
Platform Android
Requirement 2.3.3 and up
Worldwide Downloads 10,000,000+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gems, Coins, MOD Unlocked
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Restaurant Story MOD APK –  Features

There are many apps and games based on the same theme in which the Restaurant story cheats android APK is one of them. This is also a food-themed game, popular among those players who love to play these types of games.

In this game, players will learn and enjoy cooking delicious food and decorating them with their own choice in the free, casual, cooking restaurants game. as a player, you will love the cooking experience, the cool graphics, and the hundreds of tasty foods that will make your soul happy.

1. Win the Title of Masterchef

To win the Masterchef title in Restaurant story cheats Gems download, players must manage their restaurants and staff. Players must complete a number of tasks to win the title, such as cooking a specific dish, serving a certain number of customers within a specific time frame, and more.

A player must complete a number of tasks in order to earn the title, such as cooking a particular dish, serving a certain number of customers, and more.

Restaurant Story cheats android APK

2. An Exciting New Adventure

The Chef Events is a new way to explore the world of Restaurant Story Games. Players can earn rewards such as bonus experiences, new recipes, and even new ingredients for their restaurants by participating in these timed events.

Players can access these events by speaking with the event coordinator in any of the game’s restaurants. There is a specific time and day for each event, so before planning your day, be sure to check the calendar.

3. UX Design

‘Restaurant Story’ is a popular mobile game with an easy-to-use interface. Players manage a restaurant and serve customers in this cooking game. The game’s menus are organized into tabs, and the user can easily find the items they need. Also included is a search function so players can easily find the food they’re looking for.

The game allows players to cook different meals for their customers as one of its main features. A variety of dishes are available, including pasta, soup, and vegetables. Customers can also roast food in the game and have it served. It also has a number of other features, such as a shop where players can buy ingredients and equipment for their restaurants, and a map that shows players where all the restaurants are.

4. Develop your Marketing Skills

Restaurant Story MOD APK with unlimited money and gems allows you to play as a young chef just starting out at a famous restaurant. It’s crucial to learn how to market yourself if you want to succeed in this challenging game. There are a number of ways to do this, and you should experiment to find the best method. As you run your restaurant, you’ll need to maintain it clean and efficiently, while managing your finances carefully as well. You can become a successful chef in Restaurant Story MOD APK by working hard and being dedicated.

In Restaurant Story Mod APK, one of the key ways to succeed is by marketing yourself. This guide will teach you the basics of how to market yourself in the game so that you can increase your chances of success.

5. Build a Restaurant

You are the owner of a new restaurant in the Restaurant Story Mod Apk Game. Build the restaurant, hire staff, and cater to customers. As the owner of a new restaurant, you will face many challenges, but with hard work and dedication, you can succeed. Make sure to really put in the time and effort to make your restaurant successful.

You can do this by hiring talented chefs to prepare delicious food for you. Hosting special events at your restaurant can also attract new customers.

Restaurant Story Unlimited Gems And Coins apk

In Restaurant Story, players are tasked with building and managing their own restaurant. From selecting the right location to choosing the perfect menu, players must put their best effort into making their restaurant successful. However, success is not guaranteed – customers can be fickle, and competition can be fierce.

Restaurant Story MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Gems app features a variety of Chef Events to help players build a successful restaurant. It is challenging, but it also offers rewards, such as new recipes or equipment for your restaurant. By participating in Chef Events, players can grow and prosper in their restaurants.

6. MasterChef Recipe

Players can prepare classic dishes from a variety of international cuisines in Restaurant Story. Recently, a new recipe was added to the game, based on the popular Masterchef television series. 

You’ll love Restaurant story unlimited money and gems apk if you like cooking shows. The game includes 100 MasterChef recipes, which adds to its appeal. Apart from cooking, you’ll also need to manage your restaurant and make sure your customers are satisfied. You are in charge of running your own restaurant in Restaurant Story, a cooking simulation game.

It’s up to you to decide how to change those Masterchef recipes to suit your tastes, from choosing the menu to managing your staff. Do you want to stick to the classic dishes? That depends on what you’re feeling like!

7. Earn Rewards 

As you complete various tasks in the restaurant story game, you will earn cash and prizes. Among these tasks are waiting on customers, taking orders, and serving food. Keep your restaurant clean and organized, and make sure that the kitchen runs smoothly. You will be rewarded for managing all of these tasks successfully with bigger and better rewards.

If you want to unlock new recipes or decorate your restaurant, you have to spend money. While this can be fun, it can also be challenging. You can best play the game if you plan your purchases ahead and use your money wisely.

Players' Reviews
[su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]I love this game and have been playing it on and off since 2012. I’m so glad it’s still around and on the play store, I notice people say the app hasn’t been updated in a few years, but they still update the game within the app by offering new items and goals. I will continue to play this game as long as it stays around. It’s fun and the people/neighbors that play for the most part are very friendly and supportive.[/su_icon_text]

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]Fun game, I like designing the restaurant. I played this all the time when I was younger, and it’s still pretty entertaining now. I will say that it’s much too easy to spend all of your gems accidentally, and way too difficult to earn them back. [/su_icon_text]

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]Love this game. I lost my Restaurant story Hack APK along with bakery ? starting over again. I miss “CAFE WORLD” WISH THEY COULD BRING IT BACK ? FARMVILLE MISS MY FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOR’S.[/su_icon_text]

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Restaurant Story MOD APK Pro Gameplay 

Restaurant Story MOD APK is a mobile game that was released in early 2018. It is an addictive game that has been praised for its graphics and gameplay. The game is set in a restaurant and the player must manage the restaurant and its staff. The game has been praised for its challenging gameplay and its storyline.

In this game, you can cook food and design restaurants. Cooking is a fun and interesting way to spend your time and can make you feel good. This game is for people who like to cook. There are many different recipes to choose from, and you can cook lots of different foods. 

One of the best storylines in the famous Restaurant Story Offline game is when you are trying to become a great cook. There are nearly 100 different dishes to choose from, such as pasta, soup, and vegetables. You can also roast food in the game.

You will choose decorations and cook dishes for a brunch party. Every week, this free Android cooking game offers new recipes for you to try. You will also have to make sure that your restaurant is running smoothly, by cleaning and preparing the kitchen, serving customers, and taking their orders. You will have to work hard to make your restaurant a success.

How to Install Restaurant Story MOD APK on Android?

If you have any previous versions of this game installed on your device, make sure to delete them. To enable the unidentified sources, click on settings, and security, then click on Enable The Unknown Sources (if the installation doesn’t begin).

It is very easy to install the mod APK file for this app. Follow the steps below to install this app on an Android device.

  1. Click on the download button below to download.
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it
  3. Install the app on your android device.
  4. Make sure you follow all the instructions inside.
  5. You can start this fantastic app as soon as it has been properly installed and enjoy its amazing features.

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How to Install Elvenar MOD APK on PC?

You can easily install Restaurant Story on your PC. Bluestacks or NOX players are both compatible with this. The method is as follows.

  1. First of all, you will have to download and install the Bluestacks player for your pc, which is basically an android emulator that can run any mobile app on your computer.
  2. Installing the emulator requires you to download the MOD APK from our website.
  3. To install, you must execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” after downloading.
  4. When the installation is complete, click the launch button.

Restaurant Story Offline

FAQs About Restaurant Story MOD APK 

1. What is a Restaurant Story?

Restaurant Story is a simulation game that allows you to open your own restaurant and serve your customers. The game is free to download and available on the Google Play Store.

2. Why The MOD Version Isn’t Available On Google Play?

Google Play Store is full of free and paid tools, games, and applications which are compatible with devices on multiple platforms, Android as well as iOS. To be able to have your application listed under Google Play Store, there are some requirements that you will have to meet. In the case of Restaurant Story MOD APK, it is not present in the Google Play Store because it doesn’t fulfill the requirements set by Google.

3. In the restaurant story, how do you earn coins?

In order to earn more money and unlock more restaurant parts, you should try increasing your game level by upgrading in-game objects like the ovens or cash registers. Making sure everyone knows about the delicious food at your restaurant is a great way to get customers flocking to your doors – so it should also be one of your top priorities when constructing your menu!

4. How do you get the recipes in the Restaurant Story 2 Hack APK?

Your quest for a prize must be completed successfully for you to earn the corresponding reward. If you’re not interested in completing this item, you have the option to purchase one from the shop instead. Keep in mind that all prices are listed in the Shop under Upgrades. It’s important to consider your priorities before choosing how to proceed.

5. In the restaurant story, how do you acquire XP?

Cooking is one of the most popular ways to get XP in the game. Purchasing content and completing collectibles are also great options.

6. Is Restaurant Story a game that can be played offline?

Restaurant Story: A free social game by PlayFirst Inc. that can be played on mobile devices or computers. You must have an internet connection in order to play the game and there are in-app purchases available for purchase using real currency from your account balance. This game is different from other restaurant games because it has a wide range of fun activities for you to enjoy with friends and family without having to worry about closing time!

7. In the restaurant story, how do you manufacture appliances?

Depending on whether you’re playing Field Service or Restaurant Stardew Valley, go to the design tab/appliances and pick a simple stove or oven. If you’ve used up all of your appliances in the earlier stages of the game, you’ll need to place one into storage (click on it) before deciding what you want to create with them. You can view all available appliances by clicking on the hammer icon.

8. Can you play Restaurant Story on a PC?

Looking for cooking games on mobile? Play Restaurant Story: Food Lab, a challenging and addictive simulation game now on PCs and Macs to help Phoebe create amazing food dishes and ultimately win the annual science fair!


Restaurant Story MOD APK is a restaurant management game for Android that lets you manage your own restaurant from scratch. You are going to need to hire staff, prepare meals, and keep your customers happy if you want to succeed. All you have to do is download it and get started.

What's new

  • Bugs Fixes
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • Speed Optimization



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