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'WWE Immortals' (mod unlimited money and energy) is a game that contains no rules at all but focuses on action-based combat. In terms of graphic shell, visual effects, as well as gameplay, the game has many similarities to the infamous super-hero game Injustice 2 as well. Additionally, there are many popular heroes, as well as some interesting tricks, attacks, and arenas. You can play online against other players or try to go through the campaign Battles take place in 3×3 mode, which means you can switch from one unit to another during the battle.
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‘WWE Immortals MOD APK’ (mod unlimited money and energy) is a game that contains no rules at all but focuses on action-based combat. In terms of graphic shell, visual effects, as well as gameplay, the game has many similarities to the infamous super-hero game Injustice 2 as well. Additionally, there are many popular heroes, as well as some interesting tricks, attacks, and arenas.

You can play online against other players or try to go through the campaign Battles take place in 3×3 mode, which means you can switch from one unit to another during the battle.

You can learn the game tactics by practicing them during battles. Upgrade your strategy and improve your characters’ characteristics. With our hacked version, you will have a lot of money and unlimited energy.

WWE Immortals MOD APK Overview 

WWE Immortals Adreno MOD APK conveys a similar fighting style to other mobile games in the same genre such as Injustice: Gods Between Us, Marvel Contest of Champions, and its fell*with their own unique personalities and special attacks.

wwe immortals mod apk download

WWE Immortals features characters like John Cena, The Undertaker, and Hulk Hogan! In their world, superheroes are transformed into Roman centurions, giants, and nearly every other kind of being imaginable. Every character in this series is designed to have a special move that helps them beat their opponents, so now is the best time to play some strings with the original actors.

In WWE Immortals, players are only able to play against artificial intelligence. While you have access to this mode, you can also play online with other players. This mod includes exclusive rewards just like in Standoff 2 MOD APK and Tiny Archers MOD APK.

The game also sets itself apart from others in visual performance as it uses 1.5 GB of memory space to create a great design and modeling of all characters included in it. But let me make my own right now!

Information about WWE Immortals MOD APK

App Name WWE Immortals MOD APK 2022
Latest Version v2.6.3
Size 47 MB
Developed By Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Platform Android
Requirement 4.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 1,000,000+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money, MOD Unlocked

WWE Immortals MOD APK Features 

1. The Adrenaline Rush Moves: Learn Them

Every wrestler in WWE Immortals has an Adrenaline Rush move, which causes a lot of damage to the opponent. You’ll have to swipe quickly on your device’s screen because you’ll only have so much time to use those moves. Our next point is that your opponents can also use these techniques.

2. 3×3 Mode

With WWE Immortals hack Android, you can play multiplayer against other people. There are 3v3 battles. With WWE Immortals’ unlimited money or Platinum, you can either fight your mates or be matched with people of similar skill.

In the WWE Immortals game free download, you can play as a new player or create a team of legendary heroes to play against your friends.

wwe immortals app

3. Tournaments

There is a direct rip-off of WWE in the tournament play. If you want to participate, you need to earn enough points. There are weekly tournaments. As tournament levels increase in difficulty, players will need more strategic skills, as well as wise power and well-prepared decisions. Your gear will evolve as you win more battles.

4. Level Up

Upgrade your characters, increase your power, and beat your competition. Make sure your roster is constantly evolving to fit your playing style and to ensure that you put the best Immortals forward during your battles.

5. Fight

In this 3-on-3 battle, you can use your mobile device’s touch screen to battle your enemies. Combinations and power-ups can be performed with a swipe or a tap, along with special attacks and each Superstar’s customized superpowers.

6. Massive Roster

You can collect and play as some of your favorite WWE Superstars, including The Rock, Stone Cold, The Bella Twins, Triple H, John Cena, Undertaker, and many more. Each iconic Superstar has its own special powers and moves.

wwe immortals 2 release date

7. Defense is the Priority

Most other mobile fighting games allow players to win most, if not all, of their fights by utilizing the bare minimum of defense. Although, in this game, you need to know how to block because, as previously stated, your opponents might use Adrenaline Rush moves that you need to counteract.

The best way to respond to a nearly full adrenaline gauge of your opponent is to prevent them from performing a special move and tagging a teammate in WWE immortals mod apk crack.

8. Increasing the Card’s Value

It’s unlikely that you will be able to choose a silver character of your choice without saving up an extra 10,000 credits, but you may be able to choose one by storing up the extra credits. When you have 42,000 credits to use, Deadman Undertaker is a great option to help your team survive more difficult matches.

In addition to his immense HP, he also has the power to come back from the dead with 33 percent of his health and, more importantly, a full adrenaline bar once per fight. After using her finishing move, Paige, the Banshee Knight, provides an adrenaline boost to her teammates. She can be purchased for 42,000 credits.

When you buy Soldier John Cena straight, you’d be almost halfway to another silver pull when you save up 48,000 credits, but his numbers are hard to argue with. The silver characters are always better than John Cena.

9. Online Multiplayer

During the WWE Online Battles, you can fight against real opponents and compete against players from around the world in live, in-game matches and win awesome rewards.

10. Pick your Favorite WWE Superstars

You can collect and play great avatars of your favorite WWE stars, such as Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, The Bella Twins, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and others. Superstars have unique personalities, complete with skills and actions.

You can expand your repertoire of moves, increase your strength, and strengthen your character while outsmarting your opponents. The best Immortals should be leveled up against other fighters according to your playing style regularly.

immortals release date

11. Cards for Equipment

Your wrestler’s stats and power are increased by gear cards. By participating in online events, you can acquire gear cards. A piece of gear can be equipped by clicking the empty spot next to the Gear icon on a character’s profile. You can add gear from online matches as well.

12. Daily Missions

Last but not least, if you have reached the stage where you can play online, try to focus on the daily quests. Your character will level up faster if you complete one per day.

13. Amazing Graphics

Features top-notch graphics on your telephone or tablet, with custom animations for each and every WWE Superstar. Take part in fighting across various universes, all customized for every Superstar’s modified inner self, completely delivered in 3D.

how to play wwe immortals

Players' Reviews
[su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]One of the best games on mobile. Looks are very deceiving. You can win the game without spending money or watching ads!! Plus the graphics are top-notch, I would recommend this game 1000%. 10/10.[/su_icon_text] [su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]

Awesome game I love this one I just wish the storyline career mode was a lot better with storylines and having more opportunities to do 2hy play the story mode and the rest of the game. ???[/su_icon_text]

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]

This is the funniest game I have ever played. The quality is amazing, I would just like to say if there was one thing I could change about the game it’s that if we could add the Players’ theme song so that they can have an entrance. Other than that the game is perfect.[/su_icon_text]

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: thumbs-o-up” icon_color=”#1fd235″]

It just has a few bugs that it could be worked out and you know the NWO and WCW stuff like I’m really not a fan of NWO but there are some stuff from NWO and WCW that I like so the fact that that’s not in the game just give my opinion a little low but the five stars came from the part of all the superstars and list one thing that needs to fix is the Peyton win like one dude said the 15th said the 15,000 versus a 3 ‘300 Goldberg I don’t think it seems fair so far I like the game it’s good.[/su_icon_text]

WWE Immortals MOD APK Gameplay 

WWE Immortals MOD APK is a game that people love to play, offering the basic elements for an exciting and engaging gaming experience. The graphics are of the highest quality. There are different powers in each of the characters that are visible in the way they appear. The powers you add to your skills make changes that you can see the moment you acquire them.

It has a realistic sound. There are a lot of volumes. When playing in tournaments, the crowd noise reminds me of the WWE.

The game follows a logical and attainable path to achieving ultimate victory. There is no need to follow useless routes to nowhere, as some action games do. The game has 50 levels, but you have to fight a lot to get there. Finally, you will become immortal.

An amazing feature in this new version of the game is tournament play. This is straight from the WWE. Players must earn enough points to enter the tournament. Tournaments are held every week. As the level of difficulty progresses, players are forced to make smart power and gear choices. You can improve your gear as you gain victories. Before you fight, you can make sure you know what you’re up against by looking at the fight preparation board.

The WWE Immortals game is free to download. Once you’ve played a few games, come back to our site and tell us what strategies worked for you.

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Key Features of the MOD

  1. Money/Coins square measure Unlimited
  2. Market GPUs
  3. Unlocked All Characters
  4. Unlimited stamina and energy
  5. 100% Free to Download
  6. Super-fast downloads
  7. Rooting is not necessary
  8. Easy to use and fun to play
  9. Automated stopping and investigation by the police

How to download WWE Immortals MOD APK on Android?

If you have any previous versions of this game installed on your device, make sure to delete them. To enable the unidentified sources, click on Settings, and security, then click on Enable The Unknown Sources (if the installation doesn’t begin).

It is very easy to install the mod APK file for this app. Follow the steps below to install this app on an Android device.

  1. Click on the download button below to download.
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it.
  3. Install the app on your Android device.
  4. Make sure you follow all the instructions inside.
  5. You can start this fantastic app as soon as it has been properly installed and enjoy its amazing features.

How to Install and Download APK

allow unknown sources

How to Install WWE Immortals MOD APK on PC?

You can easily install WWE Immortals on your PC. Bluestacks or NOX players are both compatible with this. The method is as follows.

  1. First of all, you will have to download and install the Bluestacks player for your pc, which is basically an android emulator that can run any mobile app on your computer.
  2. Installing the emulator requires you to download MOD APK from our website.
  3. To install, you must execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” after downloading.
  4. When the installation is complete, click the launch button.

How to Install APKs on PC

FAQs about WWE Immortals MOD APK

1. Why MOD Version isn’t available on Google Play?

Google Play Store is full of free and paid tools, games, and applications that are compatible with devices on multiple platforms, including dAndroid as well as iOS. To be able to have your application listed in the Google Play Store, there are some requirements that you will have to meet. In the case of WWE Immortals MOD APK, it is not present in the Google Play Store because it doesn’t fulfill the requirements set by Google.

2. Is WWE Immortals online or offline?

Players can not only compete against the AI in WWE Immortals hack mod, but they can also play online against other players via the Internet. Players can gain exclusive rewards in the multiplayer mode as well.

3. Will there be WWE Immortals 2?

The release date for WWE Immortals 2, which is a sequel to the popular computer and mobile wrestling game, WWE Immortals, is August 15. I know this game because it was developed by the same studio that made Mortal Kombat and Injustice: God Among Us.


WWE IMMORTALS MOD APK mali is a free software package with unlimited choices. Changing liberal to knowledge can be quite expensive.

5. What’s the utilization of WWE IMMORTALS MOD APK?

It is among the best (Action) apps available for automata to download, WWE IMMORTALS MOD APK.

6. What is the MAX level of a character that can be achieved in WWE Immortals?

A character can achieve a maximum level of 50.

7. What is the ‘Talent Enhancements’ feature in WWE Immortals?

Character statistics are improved by using the ‘Talent Enhancements’ function. There are three types of ‘Talent Enhancements,’ each of which provides a different boost to one or more of the following states: +10% HEALTH, +10% DMG, and +10% ADRENALINE REGEN.

Every time you buy a ‘Talent Enhancement’ (Team HELL NO) for one of the characters, the boost will go to all of those characters’ cards. Thus, you do not need to buy the improvement again.

8. How long does a Challenge last in WWE Immortals?

Challenges can last between 2 and 3 weeks. It was not uncommon for Challenges to last between two and three weeks. However, they are now closer to the last two weeks.

9. Where can I obtain GEARS in WWE Immortals?

The immortal’s credit can be purchased from the STORE as a ‘Gear Pack’, via the ‘Multiplayer Mode’ and through either ‘Show Match’ or ‘Main Event,’ or via the weekly ‘Multiplayer Mode’ tournament (rewards depend on your attendance).).

10. Where can I buy a ‘Booster Pack’ in WWE Immortals?

Select the ‘Booster Packs’ menu under the ‘STORE’ tab. There are six ‘Booster Packs’: ‘Starter Pack’ (prices will vary with your location), ‘Bronze Pack’ (8,000 ICs), ‘Gear Pack’ (25,000 ICs), ‘Silver Pack’ (35,000 ICs), ‘Special Gold Pack’ (75,000 ICs), and ‘Gold Pack’ (75,000 ICs) (100,000 ICs).).

11. Is it legal to use APK file?

As long as they don’t appear to be exploited, APK files are fully approved app formats. If you have limited storage on your phone and wish to have a large app, Raise File is the best choice. Since a lot of applications aren’t available on the Google Play Store, and also the Play Store is blocked in some countries, apk files are the best choice.

12. Will there be a WWE 2K22?

WWE 2K22 will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, iOS and PC on March 11, 2022

13. Is WWE undefeated in offline games?

In the majority of cases, WWE games in particular, or fighting role-playing games, in general, can only be played offline. Because of the complex nature of the connection to the server or the features, it is required to optimize for a stable internet connection due to the complexity of the connection to the server or the features. Fortunately, WWE Undefeated handled it well when it is not working.

14. Is WWE Immortals on iPhone?

For the free and latest version, you can download WWE Immortals for iPhone.

15. How to play WWE immortals?

WWE Immortals god mod apk has a similar fighting style to similar games, such as Injustice: Gods Among Us (also made by the same studio) and Marvel Contest of Champions. There are three different fighters you can choose from and fight in epic three-on-three battles using an intuitive interface designed specifically for touch screens.


The last version of WWE Immortals MOD APK is available for free direct download from ApkCounty. WWE IMMORTALS invites you to explore the supernatural world of your favorite WWE superstars.

Using touch-based combat, devastating powers will take down your enemies. Power up your roster with a supercharged deck of signature moves, equipment, and support cards. You can experience the gruesome pain of bone-crunching battles during live WWE events.

What's new

  • Collect Mayhem Tickets across the Road to WrestleMania campaign to participate in WrestleMania 38 Events. Win Ltd. Edition Undertaker.
  • Play WrestleMania 38 Quests & Main Card Events. Win Superstar Keys.
  • Celebrate Undertaker's induction in the Hall of Fame with 'The Streak' campaign.
  • Participate in Mayhem Clash. Use Mayhem Coins to get featured tag teams.
  • Get the new Usos, along with King Woods & Sir Kofi.
  • Introducing the 'LEGENDARY' difficulty mode.



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