Manchester United 2022/2023 Kit and Logo DLS 2023

Are you searching for the Manchester United 2022/2023 Kit and Logo DLS 2023? One of the most common and fascinating reasons why Dream league soccer is appealing to fans is because of the beauty of the kits and logos.

This post is for you if you are a Manchester United fan who also loves to play Dream League Soccer. The new 2022-2023 Manchester United kits are available on DLS, and this feature gives users an amazing experience.

Watching a new beautiful Manchester United kit being launched will always give fans some eagerness to use them while having fun, and Dream League Soccer easily brings this into reality.  In addition, these kits also come in varieties for both goalkeepers and outfield players.

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About Manchester United 2022/2023 Kit and Logo DLS 2023

Manchester United is one of England’s top-flight league’s best and most successful teams – the English Premier League. The club has won many trophies in both domestic and international competitions; Manchester United has the highest number of Premier League titles and the second number of European Championship trophies.

This club also carries the prestige of having some of the best players in the world play on their famous Old Trafford turf. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Paul Scholes have donned the famous red and white shirts for Manchester United. They also have some exciting players currently playing at the club, such as Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, and Bruno Fernandes, alongside world cup winners Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez.

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Manchester United 2022/2023 Kit and Logo DLS 2023

The Dream League Soccer provides you with the latest kits of this iconic club with a long history of success. You can use the club’s home, away, and third kits. There is also a logo available to explore in addition to other features.

So, if you have been thinking about getting a Manchester United DLS kit for 2022-2023, look no further; all the images you need for this are available in PNG format with a perfect resolution. That means you can get access to download and then install the Dream League Soccer and also links to Logos and home and away kits. It also includes the different jerseys for goalkeepers in their home, away, and third kits.

1. Manchester United DLS Logos


DLS 23 Manchester United Logo

The Manchester United Logo is simple yet attractive. This piece can be gotten via the URL; it comes in PNG format, 512 X 512 resolution, and is customizable for users. The dream League Soccer Logo for Manchester United is identical to the club’s original one.

It comes in two colors, which are red and yellow. At the top of the logo is a boat, while the middle sees a ‘devil’ holding a pitchfork. That is because Manchester United is nicknamed the ‘Red Devils, and the devil mascot has been appearing on the logo since the 1970s.

This devil mascot is flanked by two balls that are covered by the top frame of the logo. On the frame of the logo is ‘Manchester United’ written on it.

Like the kit, this logo is also customizable on Dream League Soccer 2023. You can explore other older logos and make their appearance, like this Manchester United DLS 23 logo.

2. Manchester United DLS Home Kit 2022-2023


Manchester United DLS KIT 2023

The Home kit for Manchester United Dream League Soccer 2022-2023 is the club’s first kit. This jersey is used at all times for the club’s home games. It is a red top and white shorts that carries stripes. The three stripes on the top are black that appear on the shoulders of the shirt.

Stripes are also designed on the sides of the shorts; the three stripes are red.  Dream League Soccer Home Kit for Manchester United in 2022-2023 has a white collar neck with little black designs. This kit is completed with black stockings that have little touches of red.

The name of the sponsors also appears on the front of the top. Hence the ‘Team Viewer’ is boldly written on the chest of this kit.

3. Manchester United DLS Away Kit 2022-2023


Manchester United kit dls 2023 away 300x300

The away kit for Manchester United Dream League Soccer 2022-2023 is common for the club’s away games. It also has beautiful designs and colors.

This away kit or second kit has two colors; white for the top and black shorts. Both of which have strips on them. The top comes with three red stripes on the shoulder and on the sides of the shirts.

On the other hand, the black shorts have red stripes on both sides with an Adidas badge. Adidas is another sponsor, and it is also one of the largest sportswear companies in the World. You can get this kit in 512 X 512 resolution with excellent designs.

4. Manchester United DLS Third Kit 2022-2023



Before you think the beautiful kit designs are done, DLS brings you the club’s third kit, which is also as amazing as the first two. This jersey has a bright and amazing color that can easily appeal to any Manchester United fan.

This third kit, just like the others, has two colors. The top is parrot green in color, while its shorts are black; they both have black and parrot stripes, respectively. The stockings come in parrot green and have black stripes on the shin.

5. Manchester United DLS Goalkeeper Home Kit 2022-2023


Manchester United fc dls kit gk home 2023 300x300 1

The home and away kits are available not only for outfield players but also the goalkeepers. These jerseys are also attractive and simple. The DLS home kit for Goalies is all yellow.

This color is bright and sparkling; it comes with excellent black stripes that fit in perfectly with the main color. It is the jersey of the Goalies mostly used for home games.

6. Manchester United DLS Goalkeeper Away Kit 2022-2023


Manchester United dls kit 2023 gk away 300x300 1

The away kit for Manchester United DLS goalkeepers is mostly used for the club’s away games. It is an all-black kit with fine stripes around the top, shorts, and stockings.

Wrapping Up

Manchester United’s Dream League Soccer Kit 2022-2023 is one of the most attractive kits you can get on DLS. From the home to the away, and then third kits, there is a perfect color and badge that your team can use. The goalie’s jerseys are also on par in every aspect, giving you more options to explore.

These designs here are easy to customize with different colors and patterns. This feature is available for both kits and logos of your Dream League Soccer team.

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