(DLS 23 PSG Kit) PSG Dream League Soccer Kit 2023

The PSG Dream League Soccer Kit 2023 is another kit that comes to mind when playing DLS. PSG, also known as ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ now has its DLS kit available for users.

You can find the images required for downloading and installation in PNG format with a resolution of 512 X 512. In addition, you can get variations of designs and patterns with three different jerseys.

This club has three amazing kits; the home, away, and third kits for the outfield players. The goalkeepers have a home and away kits. The third kit for goalies is also available, and they act as an extra option during away games.

So, look at all these PSG kits you can explore on Dream League Soccer.

PSG Dream League Soccer Kit 2023

About PSG Dream League Soccer Kit 2023

Paris Sain-Germain (PSG) is a club in the French capital city of Paris. It is one of the richest clubs in the world, with its ownership coming from Qatar Sports Investments. This club has been the most successful team playing in the Ligue 1 over the last decade.

The club has won many major trophies in the French league and has recently built a dominant legacy. PSG has won 47 trophies in total, and that is more than any Ligue 1 team. Among these trophies are 10 Ligue 1 title, 14 Coupe de France, and nine Coupe De La Ligue.

Paris Saint-Germain has welcomed some of the best players to play in the Parc de princes.  Austin Okocha, Ronaldinho, Jean-Marc Pilorget, Edison Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic,  and Angel Di Maria. The club also boasts of top talents currently participating in the squad.

The amazing trio of Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mpabbe leads a team of other top players like Sergio Ramos, Marqiunhos, Achraf Hakimi, Pablo Sarabia, Sergio Rico, Keylor Navas, Donnaruma, Nuno Mendes and Veratti.

Now let’s go into the various kits that the PSG 2023 Dream League Soccer kits offer.

1. PSG Dream League Soccer Home Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/i8XfUka.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 home 300x300 1

The 2023 PSG home kit is available on Dream League Soccer and it is similar to the previous one. This jersey is blue in color but a little bit darker. PSG’s home kit is used for their games played in Parc de princes.

It comes with lines in the middle of the shirts, which cuts across the sponsor’s name. Qatar Airways is the name written on the shirt with Nike being responsible for the designs of this jersey.  On the DLS, this kit is customizable, so users can add colors and patterns. And you can do this with just one click.

2. PSG Dream League Soccer Away Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/VE7PXsD.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 away 300x300 1

The PSG DLS away kit 2023 is the club’s jersey for games played on the road. This kit is grey and has a long thick black line that cuts across the middle of the top.

You can get this kit in 512 X 512 resolution and PNG format. DLS also allows you to create custom jerseys from this one and explore the best experience from your team.

3. PSG Dream League Soccer Third Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/9E7jXwy.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 third 300x300 1

Paris Saint-Germain’s third kit is extra and is regarded as the club’s second away kit. This jersey is white with a red and blue combination down the middle of the top.  Just like the other kits, this one has a ‘GOAT’ inscribed on the sleeves of the shirts. This is in light of their new partnership with sponsors GOAT.

You can also find this shirt available on DLS; all images come with 512 X 512 resolutions. So, you can get all three PSG kits on DLS and also had the opportunity to customize them.

PSG Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Home Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/aYcyMkO.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 gk home 300x300 1

The goalkeepers have different jerseys from their outfield players. Goalies use this home kit in their games played in Parc de princes. PSG’s Dream League Soccer kit for goalkeepers in 2023 is green and looks beautiful.

It is also simple yet attractive. But this kit does not carry the lines in the middle like outfield players. The goalkeeper’s away kit is plain and has a Nike label that shows the designers of this jersey.

PSG Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Away Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/3UAoWyv.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 gk away 300x300 1

This away kit is the club’s second kit for games in another state or country. The away jersey for goalies is orange and has a nice, attractive appearance. It also has the logos of sponsors. Bringing this kit into Dream League soccer adds an extra experience for users as they can get more custom features.

Image resolution (512 X 512) and picture format (PNG) are all perfect for getting an identical look to the original PSG team kit.

PSG Dream league Soccer Goalkeeper Third Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/96eiyiE.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 gk third 300x300 1

This third jersey is an extra kit for the goalies and is also mostly used for their games in another state or country. PSG’s last kit is purple and carries the sponsor’s name; its design is nothing different from the home and away jersey.

So, you can find this one on DLS whenever you use Paris Saint-Germain. All pictures and resolutions are also high-quality.

PSG Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Fourth Kit 2023

URL: https://i.imgur.com/mCFd0ah.png

Paris Saint Germain kit dls 2023 gk forth 300x300 1

One of the few teams with a fourth kit for Goalkeepers is PSG. This jersey provides an opportunity for variations in colors and patterns. It is black in color and has a simple yet fantastic design, just like the others.

You can also add custom features and patterns, and that is what makes DLS kits perfect.

PSG Dream League Soccer Logo

URL: https://i.imgur.com/HtOztrQ.png

Paris Saint Germain PSG Logo 512×512 URL 1

Dream League Soccer has the PSG logo that every fan would like to explore. This logo is mostly blue and carries the Eiffel tower in red. You can also create a custom logo from this one on Dream League Soccer. This crest historically depicts a royal symbol of King Loius XIV, a former French King born in Paris.


The Dream League Soccer kits 2023 for PSG are now available. And, like most other jerseys, you get variations in patterns and designs. With the ability to add custom features, users can get the best experience by creating their kits.

So, check out all this and download the PSG Dream League Soccer Kit 2023

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