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Download Pet Rescue Saga Mod APK’s latest version free for Android and get an epic and really addictive match-3 puzzle game in an effort to provide you with hours of amusement now!

Pet rescue saga


Puzzle games are a number of the maximum addictive and amusing games on the mobile way to their tremendously easy mechanics and the outstanding praise structures constructed into them. Pet Rescue Saga is a brand new type of puzzle game that performs out extra like a game of Konect4 than the opposite games in this category.

There are helpless animals trapped below a few blocks after which greater blocks fall from the ceiling to accumulate on the pinnacle of them. Your activity is to suit the blocks as quickly as you may to prevent them from stacking up. Ultimately, you need to take away all of the blocks on the pinnacle of the puppy so you can rescue it.

If you permit blocks to stack up, then it’ll be a good deal tougher to rescue the animals and you’ll threaten to drop the extent altogether. If you’re searching out an extraordinary and easy manner to negate boredom, then that is it.

How to play Pet Rescue Saga

Understanding a bit approximately the way to play it earlier than you begin will assist you a lot. With Pet Rescue Saga apk, you’ll need to examine an aspect or to make this reputedly easy recreation ton easier then you may spoil each stage with ease.


Plan in advance. Make positive which you’re usually thinking about wherein the blocks will land while you suit a gaggle collectively. The ultimate aspect which you need is for your puppy to be caught on the pinnacle of a colored block that can’t be matched with anything. So, strive to plot in advance and attention to rescuing your pets rather than simply matching matters collectively to get a better rating. That excessive rating won’t imply a lot in case you lose the level.

Use boosters. You can earn boosters to dispose of masses of blocks at once. Use those accurately and make certain which you’re now no longer simply throwing them away on needless rows. You need to apply those to rescue pets. You best get such a lot of actions on this game, so make certain which you’re usually focusing your efforts on rescuing pets and now no longer on popping blocks.

Don’t be given lives while you’re maxed out. Your pals may pick to present you with a life, however, be careful in case you be given it while you have already got complete lives then you’ll simply waste it. It’ll live in your inbox till you open it, so shop those for while you really need lives.


Don’t permit your pets to get snatched. If your puppy receives too excessive up, it’ll get scared and begin shaking. This manner that it’s approximately to get snatched with the aid of using puppy thieves. If you permit this to happen, then you’ll by no means be capable of getting better than that puppy and you’ve misplaced your ideal score. Make positive which you maintain your pets as little as feasible and attempt to get them all of the manners right all the way down to the ground to lose them.

Use the computer if you’re stuck. It appears to be the case that tiers are less complicated to finish at the laptop than for your phone. If you’re stuck, then transfer over to the Facebook model on the desktop.



Download Pet Rescue Saga Mod APK’s latest version Free for Android and get an epic and really addictive match-3 puzzle game in an effort to provide you with hours of amusement now!

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