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In 2020, the worst pandemic outbreak in history struck due to a new strain of the coronavirus emerging unexpectedly. This affected me seriously and became a game-changer in everyone’s life. This virus is what prompted video game companies to begin migrating their production lines and developers working remotely.

However, this means that 2021 should be filled with lots of survival games coming out! Here are 3 notable titles that gamers are most excited about in 2021.

13 Things You Need To Know for 2019–2023 to be plenty of gaming titles that feature horror. In order for mobile to do this well, there aren’t many decent options, so we don’t think it’s realistic or likely to happen anytime soon. Several studios are already working on collaborative games, but over time these too tend to evolve into the same thing – where you take part in a shared world against other players.

Due to all of the situations, developers have to remove Wild, Occupy Mars: The Game, Dead Matter, The Day Before, State of Decay 3, and Dreams Engines: Nomad Cities from this list.

13 Best New Survival Games of 2023 | Download and Enjoy

1. Outpost: Glacier

Outpost Glacier, is an upcoming survival game from the team of indie developers Doomlord Interactive. In this outing, gamers work as a member of ApolloCorp who has been dispatched to a remote northern outpost that is surrounded by tundra. This means to survive you will need to gather resources and scavenge for food, all while ensuring the outpost can sustain power inside the facility throughout autumn nights that are as long as they are unforgiving! game info.

We can’t wait to get more details about this game, and lucky for us, there is some information that we can explore further by purchasing an alpha build on their Kickstarter page.

However, when it comes to multiplayer games, especially like this one, they take extra time and energy to develop effectively. While the developers look into adding a multiplayer aspect, we will have to wait patiently before being able to engage in many of the elements that are part of most multiplayer games such as interacting with other players outside of friendly challenges.

2. The Forest

An indie survival game called The Forest offers a more realistic gameplay experience than some others on this list. In The Forest, players must find food, shelter, and crafts tools to survive in a world filled with natural wonders.

The game is single-player only for now, but the developers are planning on adding a multiplayer component later.

3. 7 Days to Die

This game is a little different from the rest on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. In 7 Days To Die, players are dropped onto an island and must survive for seven days. The only way to survive is by collecting resources and building shelters so you can start a fire.

The game has more of an open-world feel than some survival games, but the developer does try to put in small moments where it feels like your character is suffering from hunger or thirst as well as nightmarish weather conditions that could kill them during their quest to survive on the island. The

This somewhat unique title features elements of first-person shooter and real-time strategy and bases itself around a Soviet Union engineer whose latest project went horribly wrong. A rogue AI that was supposed to help him troubleshoot the blast furnace broke loose, causing canisters of highly volatile chemical vapors to explode in his face, covering everything including himself.

Thankfully he managed to survive the grievous injuries caused by this accident via CPR and wound care mixed with luck which led him underground where… well you’ll just have to play the game and discover the rest of his story.

4. State of Decay 2

The state of Decay 2 is a very popular game among zombie fans. In this game, players must work together to survive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. With no one to help you, you’ll have to fend for yourself and keep your group safe.

The game allows for four-player co-op multiplayer sessions with both online and offline modes available that allow the players to take on a variety of locations from forests, abandoned villages, or an underground bunker.

The game’s gameplay is inspired by other farm simulators, fitness games, and RPGs. Zombie Rise of the encampments is a spin-off that adds new content to the State of Decay 2 by taking place during a zombie apocalypse. The game allows players to choose their own life experiences and progress them through various quests while they maintain their camp, fight off zombies and try to survive in an unfamiliar urban environment.

5. Wild Eight

The Wild Eight is another game that is still in early access. The premise of this game is a world where the climate has changed and it’s now cold all year round. This means that players are going to have to keep themselves warm by wearing clothes and building shelters to keep themselves alive.

The game looks like it has a lot of potential and the developers are open to feedback on their early access version. The developer releases regular updates that improve or fix various parts of the gameplay so if you’re looking for an immersive survival experience, then this should be one worth playing. The Wild Eight is another title that has a focus on survival and the basic mechanics are relatively similar to games like Minecraft, Rust, or Terraria.

Beyond Earth centers around creating your own planet in a future where human beings have left earth behind due to overpopulation and environmental problems. Players take up the role of an upcoming leader.

6. DayZ

DayZ is an online multiplayer survival game where players must try to survive in a world overrun by zombies. Players can play as survivors trying to stay alive and complete quests, or they can be the undead trying to eat their friends. The game was originally released in 2014 and has since received multiple updates. The game also features an MMORPG mode where players have to try to survive by crafting items, skills, and abilities.

In 2015 there was an adaption of DayZ called H1Z1, which is similar but it’s not an original title; rather a spin-off from the Call of Duty franchise. Rage has been a well-known RPG developed by id Software, which was also the developer of Doom.

The game centers around chaos rather than exploration and is arguably one of the most violent video games ever created. Rage 2 will be released on Steam on 23 June 2019, but you can play this Unreal Engine 4-based PC title free online.

7. Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2 is a rather small game that takes the survival genre to a different level. The game starts off with you as one of the few survivors on earth and you have to work together in order to create a new civilization. You’ll need to learn how to farm, craft tools, and build a new settlement.

The game also includes MMO elements allowing you control over some of the key gameplay mechanics as well such as your own

character development and skills. Dead Frontier 2 is definitely a very interesting survival horror game with interesting mechanics and lots of different features. It might be worth keeping an eye on Dead Frontier 2! The game is a bit like Skyrim in terms of gameplay, with the player playing as one of four prisoners that are trying to escape from prison.

The story starts off in 1923 Bangkok where you play Tommy who has been imprisoned for fraud and escaped numerous other prisons before he came to Bangkok Prison. Since then your goal is to successfully break out from this incredibly dangerous place which might include running away using some form of transport or carrying sharp objects on your way out.

The game also features a variety of animals that are really helpful during gameplay as well and allows some exploration of the world around you to take place if your character comes across one on the streets, which can either be used for fighting or selling collected items depending on what type of object it is.

The visuals of Dead Frontier 2 are pretty impressive although they might not match up to AAA games released by triple-A developers but only because of the limited power and hardware of mobile devices.

8. Project Winter

Project Winter is a game that will be available for free to play on Steam. This title will focus on being able to create and manage your own city from the ground up as you strive to survive a zombie apocalypse. The goal here is not only to stay alive but to also accomplish tasks before the zombies arrive.

We Need To Go Deeper is a horror game that can be played on mobile devices controlled via touch screen or virtual reality controllers such as those from Oculus Rift VR. In this title, you must help players survive in an abandoned mansion by coordinating and cooperating with your fellow survivors. The goal here is to find ways for everyone’s survival rather than just trying to live through it all on your own.

9. Chernobylite

You might be looking for a cheap game to pick up, but this one isn’t going to cost you anything. Therefore, you should play Chernobylite, which is a horror game similar to Silent Hill in many ways. Although your character is just a guy who used to work at the nuclear power plant years ago, he goes back to the area because he can’t figure out what happened to his wife. Before long, though, there are plenty of hostilities in the radioactive land from enemies like military forces and other stalkers. You have to watch out or else it’s game over!

Obviously, you’ll manage your base and make sure that it is fully operational. However, you will also have to take care of all of the members of your party and make sure that they are getting along but if there are any disputes then kindly remind them about why you are on this journey together!

This might be a significantly different sort of survival game experience than what you may be used to because you’re going to need to manage everyone’s relationships with one another, but if you enjoy giving orders and being like ‘the boss’, then this could easily entice you.

10. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is another survival game that can be played on mobile devices rather than a computer or console system. This title was released in 2015 and has already been downloaded hundreds of millions of times over the years since its initial release date.

The goal here involves building your Vault from scratch to protect yourself after completing quests and other tasks within the game setting while simultaneously constructing weapons, gear, furnishing items, etc., so as to enable your character to survive any potential dangers or threats. You will also be tasked with recruiting new dwellers and upgrading the shelter using both in-person visits as well as in-game contributions.

This title can make use of a lot of different touchscreen controls, including swiping, pinching, and tapping functions within your mobile device’s environment at least up until version 4 when motion control devices became available such as those found on an HTC Vive VR system.

11. Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside is a 3D action-adventure survival game that puts players in the role of a hunter. The game is set in a world filled with monsters. Hunters are the only ones that have the ability to take out these monsters, which are known as the titular Little Devils. These Little Devils are hidden in what seems to be a fantasy setting.

The world is filled with grasslands, forests, and other locales that players can explore. The game also takes on the same mechanics as the Harvest Moon titles. This means that players are tasked with farming, fishing, cooking, and even getting married. Little Devil Inside is still a work-in-progress. However, it has just entered fundraising on Kickstarter. Content coming soon.

Little Devil Inside from Little Devil Inside is a game that mixes survival and simulation mechanics. This was a game supposed to release into the marketplace back in July of this year. However, we haven’t seen much of this game in a good while. So there’s a good chance this title is being pushed into 2023.

For those unfamiliar, Little Devil Inside is a game that focuses on a demon who has been given a second chance to redeem himself. The plot revolves around a demon named Amon who must fight his way out. The character is a demon and can only survive by eating demons or humans. We’re also told that the game will be open-world, feature online multiplayer, and will have plenty of discovery.

12. Winter Survival Simulator

Winter Survival Simulator is a great survival game that offers a lot of action. Using your tools, you’ll need to keep your vitals up and make use of the environment. As you explore, you’ll come across different tools and weapons used to defend yourself against wildlife.

If you’re looking for a survival game that’s a bit more modern take on the genre, this is a great choice. It’s a game that will keep you on your feet while you’re trying to survive and master the rough conditions.

Essentially, you are finding supplies and traps to hunt down some food perhaps. This is all to keep the protagonist alive. The main goal here is to reach an abandoned ranger station and try to use it as a tool for survival. But ultimately your real aim is to get out alive or at least survive long enough until you can say that you lived through this experience in one piece.

13. Green Hell

This game was first released in 2019, but it only took three years until both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms received it in 2021. It’s a popular survival and thriller title where players are stranded in the Amazonian Rainforest, trying to not only stay alive but also find their missing spouse.

There are a few things about our game that we think players will love. One is that it can be quite immersive and ‘real’. You’ll have to keep track of areas like thirst, hunger, and sleep.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure you don’t get any significant injuries or poisoned by the wildlife in this seemingly endless rainforest! There’s also the lonely aspect of being alone in a jungle which makes it difficult to know what is real or not – making this game even more immersive.

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